Back again, it’s already October!

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I have been so busy I haven’t had the brain energy to write.  But having taken a minute to re-read my previous post, I am not doing too badly with the project of “me”.  Even though I have been overwhelmed at work and with life in general (hence the picture of coiled barbed wire) I am managing quite well to keep up with my resolutions.

Shorter days and less early morning light as it turns to fall has made me change my exercise routine.  Not much kayaking happening with the cooler temperatures and early morning bike rides in the dark are not the safest thing to do.  I am finking it refreshing to change my habits with the seasons.  It feels good to have to do something different and new.

One thing that I have noticed is I feel I have less energy and often feel a little less able to get through my daily “list”.  Today I just felt like I am spinning my wheels.   Usually I have the things I need to accomplish and can set my inner timer and get them done, but today I felt things piling up. It is fall break for the school district so I was able to take a day off.  I pretended I was retired and spent the morning reading (“Saturday” by Ian McEwan), did a little laundry, cleaning, organizing, visited mom, chatted with my sisters, rode my bike, went to yoga, made muffins and dinner.  There may be a few piles of stuff on the dining room table, but it was a fun, fulfilling day!  When I said before I was spinning my wheels, maybe it’s not as bad as I thought.  The things I listed are not everything thing I did, so looking back, I think I accomplished quite a bit. I am so looking forward to retirement when spinning your wheels actually gets things done.

However, one thing I am surprised with is how relaxed I am about life in general. I am actually enjoying being me and am riding the waves not matter how hectic life gets. In addition to work craziness, my sweet, 88 year old mother wrecked her car. Thankfully she only had minor injuries, but is no longer driving – this is a good thing! To round out the month, my husband has had some physical setbacks and my faithful dog Angel is really slowing down.  Yet through all of this, I am not feeling that edgy, jittery, almost ready to go off the cliff kind of stress that I might have felt in the past.  I am taking things one day at a time and good news – meditation and mindfulness really work!

Last week I was listening to Dan Harris as he talked about the Wisdom 2.0 and the conference happening this week in New York.  Sounded fascinating, so I registered for the February conference in San Francisco.  Mindfulness and technology, two of my favorite things.  This month’s reading included    “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama and “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  Both gave me insights into what I can do to make myself happier and that it is not a selfish thing to do.  Making myself happier makes those around me happier. Highly recommended and simply simple.


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