Next steps in my writing, the letter ‘C’


I have not been sure now to motivate and myself to really get started, so I considered the direction I would like to take my self (remember I am the 60’s Project) and realized the things I am working on right now all start with the letter C.  Very interesting—- I quickly went over a list in my mind of those ideals, characteristics an/or attributes that I find important.

The quick list includes: contentment, convenience, compassion, courage, competent, clutter-free, confident, etc.  When I was out walking, the list was much longer,  but but the time I sat down to write, these all the only ones I could remember, so it is now time to take out my trusty writer notebook. The list will continue and I will take that list and each time I write, it is be about one of my ‘C’ topics.


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