A concussion is definitely not a good thing, but it is a learning experience.  First thing I learned – always wear your helmet.  I always wear my helmet but just this once I slipped up.  Starting out, my goal was to ride down to the park to get a little exercise, maybe a mile or two.  Instead, because the weather was so nice, I rode 17 miles and came home on back dirt road along the river. The last thing I remember is thinking, “It looks like they graded the road”… until I ‘woke up’ in my dining room asking my husband where my bike was.  It was parked on the porch.  I have absolutely no recollection of riding home.

Hats are not helmets!

My husband took me to the emergency room where they determined I had a concussion and stitched up the deep gash in my forearm.  The interesting thing is that I was never worried, alarmed, or panicked over the incident.  I was dizzy (the room swirled just like you see in the movies) and had some nausea, but felt I was going to be fine.  There was not fuzziness or confusion, I just could not remember falling or riding home.  I still don’t remember.

What did come out of the event, beyond knowing that I will never neglect the helmet, is the feeling that everything is going to be ok.  Whether my brain was jostled into a calm state of acceptance for how things are, or I realized that I am lucky to be ok, I am now approaching life differently.

I am not sure how it is related, but I think my meditation practice helped me through the concussion and the healing from the concussion.  I started meditating every day around 6-7 months ago and it has made a difference in my outlook and interaction with everyday occurrences.  I am better able to take things in stride and by preparing my mind through meditation, I can approach the day in a much happier, peaceful way.  The fall and the subsequent injuries really did not phase me other than I took a day or two off from work, which I never really would have done in the past. I am taking time to take care of myself and those around me.

End of story… my sister told me she had a concussion once and it can result in some strange behavior.  For her, she found herself dressing in strange clothing combinations and her husband had to check her out before she left the house.  For me, I find that I won’t allow things to be out of place or clutter around the house.  Not a bad thing, I just make sure everything is in it’s place but it is not a compulsion, instead it seems to be I allow myself to take a few seconds to stop and put things right.

And, I am finding joy in  my small efforts of putting things right, not just around the house, but in my relationships.  More on that later.



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