Company at Thanksgiving and Beyond

Thanksgiving! Without a doubt, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and has been for a long time.  However, the Thanksgiving holiday was not always my favorite (just an ordinary day with good food) until I had children.  Then for some inexplicable reason, it became extraordinary as I came to love the sharing of my family with my extended family and friends, reconnecting, and just relaxing together!

Company comes in the form of either being company or having company.  This weekend both of our children are home, so I am “having company.”  While they may be the company but they  bring the closeness that only understanding between family members brings.  Both have grown up to be amazing adults and I find I rely on them to make the holiday happen rather than me being the driving force.  They are a delightful source of inspiration and good natured criticism, keeping me motivated and grounded at the same time.  They are my part-time companions, while my husband is my full time companion who allows me to just be myself, often quietly allowing me to think I “run the show.”

When the kids were growing up, we always spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s parents in Salt Lake City.  We were the “company.”  Because we live in southern Utah there was such anticipation about going north and the possibility of snow, which there often was, sometimes turning a 4 hour drive into 6 hours.  But it was magical!  Thanksgiving dinner was always with the entire extended family, providing great food and great company. The next day sledding, shopping, and taking in the Christmas lights allowed us to truly get in the spirit of the holidays.

Now we celebrate here in Saint George.  The kids come home to us, and while it may be a little less magical, it is still wonderful.  The holiday allows us to take breaks from our work (although some of us are still working online) and unwind.  Being together brings the closeness and familiarity we don’t have the rest of the year.  We can take time to really appreciate our family.

Thanksgiving dinner was much smaller, this year my mother and her boyfriend joined us and there were only six of us.  But it was a wonderful evening full of good food, good wine, and good stories. I appreciate the company of those who are still in my life and miss those who are no longer with us.  Yes, it is wonderful having your family as company and all the closeness that family provides.  And the best thing is… they’ll be back for Christmas!

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