Day 1.  Today even though it is Christmas I am starting my 100 Day Project – Remembering that I need to do a little yoga, little cardio, eat healthy, blog and then make sure to connect with someone special in my life.  Not a bad way to spend Christmas. I did get up early and do a little yoga, my children are home so I am definitely connecting this morning. Our breakfast of french toast and mimosas may not the the healthiest, but what the heck, it’s Christmas.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, we had my mom over for dinner and so fun to see her laugh and enjoy herself with my two grown-up children. We watched Jim Carey as the Grinch and laughed and laughed.  I had forgotten how funny the movie was, we put closed captions on for mom (who has some hearing loss) and it was great to see her participate and really get the jokes. There were good times between the wine, the good food and the great company.  So nice to have both of my children home, have family members over, and catch up by phone with everyone else. Merry Christmas!


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