Day 2 – Continuing the Project(s)

Today is Day 2 of the 100 Day Project.  I have to laugh — yesterday I wrote the first day as Day 100 thinking I would be counting back. I guess I am just a little backwards because that made no sense at all, so I changed yesterday to Day 1. So far I am doing well with my goals, I got in some cardio, yoga, and semi-healthy eating. I boxed up all the cookies and candy and moved them to the freezer but probably will put them out in the trash tomorrow. Baby Steps!

As I was driving in my car and listening to  podcasts, one discussed a 90+ year old man who decided after retirement that he was going to become fit, so he began woking with a personal trainer, then went on to become a rower, chosen because it was something he was always interested in. After rowing became something he physically couldn’t do (I missed the reason why) he did his research and found that intense interval training was the best thing to maintain fitness in elderly people, so he became a sprinter. I looked for sprinterthe article and sadly could not find it, but I did find a  YouTube video about a 96 year old retired dentist who has worked to become a sprinter. He lives life the to the fullest, being aware of what is takes for him to do just that.  It takes hard work and dedication along with a positive attitude that allows him to balance between healthy and happy.


As I move forward I will keep his story in mind and make the time and effort to be aware, mindful, persistent, and fully conscious of what it takes to achieve my goals.  My new mantra – Goals aren’t just for the young and if we have them and stick to them, it’s never to late to live happily ever after.

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