Day 3 – Diet Decision

Day 3 has me thinking about how easy it is to fall out of habits, especially those I don’t have.  Exercise seems to be easier for me to stick to, I have an internal obligation to attend the classes I like and become a regular in.  Healthy diet, not so much.  Because I am so easily  distracted by sweet, salty, junk and comfort foods, I need to reset myself and my taste buds.

whole30 I vowed I would never do this, but I am going to try Whole 30.  I purchase the Whole 30Day by Day notebook and tomorrow I start.  I actually by trying some of the ideas and reading through recipes.  I said farewell to potato chips for a month and used the last of the champagne to make myself a mimosa.  Other than those two cheats, I followed the principals.  Now that I have that out of my system, I am up to the challenge and tomorrow is the first day of the next 30!

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