Day 4 – Doing Fine

I made it though my first day of Whole 30. It’s not bad so far, but I know I am going to get sick of eggs very soon. It is really nice having a long break for the winter holidays.  I can start something new, clear out the clutter and the old, and take time for myself.

So far I have spent extra time at the gym, read 6 books, had my hair done, and today I am having a massage. To tell the truth, I have never indulged myself before and I am so excited! This morning I tried a new meditation app, Calm.  It was ok, but they do a lot of talking. Headspace is normally my app of choice for meditation, and they are very different.  I will keep trying and then review how I feel about Calm.  It might be that I am familiar with one, and the differences seem glaring at first, but really aren’t so noticeable after you get used to them.

Today’s projects include getting the entire house back in order, doing a kitchen declutter,relax and relaxing.  That is just enough to take advantage of the extra time to do purposeful work and still have some downtime.  A balanced holiday!

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