Welcoming a New Year with a Wish

I am reading currently reading a Neil Gaiman book, Anansi Boys and interestingly enough when I used my Calm app this morning to meditate, they ended with a New Year’s Wish by Neil Gaiman.  It was so lovely, I had to listen to it twice.  I went online to see if I could find it, and am excited to report I found Neil Gaiman’s Journal, from December 31, 2014, with wishes and gifts he has written over the years.  Equally lovely and thoughtful.

It is mid-day and I just got home from yoga class.  My friend Erna, who is 87 year amazing, told me about a tradition from her home in Germany.  They consider from December 26 to 31 as a time to get ready for the New Year.  It may have just been her family, but I love the idea. Rather than just scrunch getting ready into 24 hours on the 31st, why not do some thoughtful planning to make sure you are ready for the new year.

Because I work in education, I am lucky to have a nice long break from Christmas through New Years.  This allows me to gather the old year around me and prepare a place new year ahead.  I did more this year than I have in the past. The last few days, I have been very thoughtful about moving forward (hence the 100 Days Project and embarking on Whole 30) and I spent time decluttering and organizing.  My mind was in the right place and I didn’t have that  “hurry up – we have a million things to do” mentality that I have had in the past.  It might be because because I am getting older and slower, but know it really is that I am more willing to let go.

As this year ends and the new year begins my New Years Wish is:New Year

For myself, more time with family  – time for adventures, reliving old times, and experiencing joy when we are together.  My wish for everyone else is that you have the presence of mind and patience to stop and enjoy what you have, that you are able to experience and learn new things, that you realize life is too short to get stuck in the mud or think you can’t do something.  I hope you try something new and daring, and that you also find comfort in what you have.  I wish you a very Happy New year!

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