Bitcoin Adventure

As part of this project, I try to do something new at least once a week. This week I decided to invest in bitcoin, a very 21st century thing to do.  It was interesting and kind of fun.  Fun because I was actually able to figure it out myself! bitcoin

This is how I did it – I researched the best exchange to join. I joined the exchange. Now to join you have to be verified which took a lot of back and forth and codes and whatnot. It’s all very secure. Once you have that all set up you need to deposit money into your US dollar wallet and that is what you use to purchase the bitcoin from you various currency wallets.  There are all different types of bitcoin or crypto currency.  The exchange I chose only had 5 different kinds, but my son gave me the name of another that even more kinds.

Well that was today’s new thing – I feel empowered knowing I can navigate my way beyond regular old digital banking!

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