Real Life and “The Walking Dead”

This weekend I have been indulging in a “Walking Dead” marathon.  Sounds a little sick, but in reality it sort of keeps me in touch with my reality.  I have a saying written on my dining room: Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the things we don’t have and start giving thanks for the problems we don’t have. Sometimes I forget that.


It had been one of those weeks and I never thought I would find solace in zombies, but when I watch what these fictional characters go through and still maintain their humanity, I realize my life is not so bad after all.  Contrasting “The Walking Dead” with another of my favorite indulgences, Bravo’s Real Housewives, the people fighting zombies rather than each other seem to have it easier.  Interestingly, the Housewives create their own petty problems, do not deal with them with compassion or empathy, and are unkind over minor things,  whereas Walking Dead characters, deal with each other with courage, compassion, empathy, and dignity.  I still can’t take my eyes off the Housewives train wreck – I think the show makes me appreciate my life’s sorry situations or lack of them, far better.

“Petty is as petty does,” might be my Forest Gumpism for this realization.  The Walking Dead makes me appreciate how easy my life is and how my reality is so calm, gentle, and wonderful.  I just need to take everything is stride, not over react, disregard the petty, and appreciate that I don’t have any real problems.  Most importantly, not be petty myself.

When I started writing this, I didn’t even make the connection between Walking Dead and Housewives.  It just came to me as I thought about giving thanks for the problems we don’t have. I should add – don’t create problems just because. I honestly say I have no problems and am very grateful for that.  Maybe this week’s mantra should be:

I am happy.  I am healthy. I am real. I have perspective, I don’t have to fight zombies.

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