Wisdom 2.0 – What I Learned

I am sitting in the San Francisco airport on my way home after my first Wisdom 2.0 Conference and I learned a lot -a lot about myself, a lot about others, and a lot about the Wisdom2.0 Community. There were 3000+ people in one building who were much the same as me, sharing the same concerns and the same hopes for the future.

I learned that there are people who think and feel the same as I do, and felt how lovely it is to be able to express those thoughts and feelings without fear of having to defend myself. I met wonderful, caring people from all over the world, and was able to dialog with them in ways that were comfortable and companionable. Being able to begin each session with a meditation and a conversation, being grounded in the moment, we’re two of the practices that made this conference powerful.

I first heard about the conference listening to Dan Harris’s podcast and knew I had to go. It was a great decision that I will never regret or forget. I took a risk, coming by myself, staying by myself, but I never felt I was by myself. I was surrounded by a community of friends.

I will post more about the experience, but my big take-away is – I took a risk and it paid off. Coincidentally, This morning’s Calm meditation quote by Anne Lamott was, “It is good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight training for life”. So timely and perfect for my Wisdom 2.0 experience – it was fabulous weight training!

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