Back From Africa

March has been a very busy month.  Work has been busy, and then I took a trip to South Africa.  The trip was great and I met some wonderful people and saw amazing sites.  I feel I stretched myself and embraced a lot of new things.

What did I learn about myself and others?  I learned that if others can travel without worries, so can I.  I learned that people are the same everywhere and have the same worries and hopes.  I learned that it is far better to think you are young and embrace youth than worry about your age and act old.

I learned that lions, like the rest of us don’t like to sleep in wet grass. I learned that hugging an elephant is a real treat.  I learned that sunsets and sunrises are beautiful everywhere and you should never miss them.

I learned and confirmed that being open to new adventures at home and away,  no matter how small or large, is the best way to embrace who you really are and even better, appreciate yourself!

Visit my travel site at Nadine’s Site

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