Sarcasm From the Edge

I am not sure exactly what the title of this blog means but it fits my thoughts. I have been flitting through my Twitter account and I noticed how absolutely awesome and inspiring most of these people are.  No one is ordinary.

Seriously (but not really), I am going to beef up my profile with something like:  Amazing mom, awesome educator, fabulous wife and dog owner who loves to make life better for everyone she comes across. Sixty-four year old woman that everyone wants to emulate  – I run, I do yoga, I eat clean, I don’t have any cellulite or cavities.  I can make your life better just by having you land on my blog, etc., etc, etc. 

I’m not sure why I had to get this out of my system, but now I feel better and can go back to being plain old me.  How’s this for inspiration: Live your life and enjoy it no matter how mundane it is; life is too short to worry about being amazing. Namaste.

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