Long Time No Write

It has been a while since I sat myself down to share. It definitely is time again. This past week has has it’s ups and downs. I attended a great conference at the beginning of the week that really pumped me up – super positive experience, but in the middle of the week the worms or whatever started to crawl out of the woodwork.

Work presented some vey stressful situations, and I really hate to whine but it sent me into a little bit of a tailspin. Talk about a self-serving pity party, the last few days had been the party of the century. However, I am over that. The situation is not resolved, and probably will it be, but my life goes on. It not only goes on, but it ‘parties on’ in a very happy, positive, enlightened, and strong way. I really have to pat myself on the back for being in such a good place everywhere else in my life that I can say “Adios amigos” to the things that don’t matter.

So… today’s message is, Life is good, don’t let the bed bugs bite, and the sun will come out tomorrow. Nothing new, nothing profound, just stupendous words to live by!

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