More Self-Improvement – Going Paleo

Call me crazy, but I am going to try Paleo for the next little while.  I went through Whole 30 and felt better, slept better, lost weight, and it was easy.  However, once I fell off the wagon it was tough to get back on. So being the easily influenced person that I am, I just watched a documentary on Paleo and decided that’s what I am doing next.  However, this time I am going to be a little more systematic and I actually hope for this to be more of a permanent change.

Now you really can’t blame me for trying something different – remember this is “My Sixties Project” and since no one reads this blog, so I can really do whatever I decide because I am the project.  So this is what I am going to do step by step:

  • Weigh myself today (My weight is 130)
  • Start keeping a notebook with carbs (just carb count from things not veg or fruit)
  • Start cooking again (maybe get a Paleo cookbook)
  • Develop an exercise plan (more that just daily yoga)

That is just about it – pretty straight forward.  I also PLAN on blogging daily with my progress.  I know how that goes, so did I did not add it to the systematic plan above.  I will try.

A point for me to remember, is all of this comes after a week of eating so many carbs I am amazed I can still think and walk.  Yesterday’s post is evidence of this. I have been paranoid, lethargic, and sometimes very unkind and I realize this cannot continue or I will have no friends left to whine to. Also, from the banana cream pancakes, to the donuts, to the bags of potato chips, to maximum couch surfing, I am not showing the love for my body that it deserves.  When the best workout of the week is opening the door for the the techs to upgrade our cable TV service, it’s obvious that I have become pathetic in my attempts to create a healthy lifestyle without some sort of structure. That’s not self-loathing, just honesty.

Only one way to go and that is back to basics, back to reality, and (again, call me crazy for the Paleo),  back to healthy.   I just wish I could get my husband to join me – maybe that will be the next project!



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