Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Made it through the first day or so of my Paleo adventure and it’s going well. Just like my foray into Whole 30, once I make up my mind to pursue something ,it is easy.  The problem lies in sustainability – can I continue?  So I will take it one day at a time and not worry about it. I slept better last might, was not hungry and did not crave sugar – these are the positives, not hitting any negatives and hope not to!

Met with my book club last night. The book were read was “News of the World” by Paulette Jiles.  It was semi-historical fictions novel about  a man in the 1800’s who brings the news to towns by holding readings of the news.  During one of his “tours” he faced wit the task of returning a white girl taken captive by Indians to her family. Beautiful writing, and a wonderful story. Interestingly, the author used no punctuation, i.e. quotation marks in the dialog.  (I didn’t even notice, but it was a big point for the rest of the club.) LOL

What raised my curiosity was the real fact that when captives were returned to their families, they did no assimilate.  Why?  I have my own ideas, but am going to try to spend some time trying to understand. That may come up as a later topic.


For now — just getting ready to start my day, it is going to be beautiful, the sun is up, I have my coffee, and best of all I will be spending the day in Springdale, a little town just outside of Zion National Park. I will be assessing students reading, and they love it and so do I.  Life is Good!



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