“I Am Certain Of Nothing”

I heard this saying watching Anthony Bourdain on Netflix and can’t get it out of my mind. “I am certain of nothing.” To me, it means nothing remains the same and I always need to ready to change and adapt.  A part of me is anxious as I think about not being certain, but the rest of me is glad of it.  There are things I am certain of, most of all my husband and children and our relationships. Bottom line, I am not a person who dwells to much in absolutes and my life definitely never runs a straight course.  I used to panic about that, now I relish it.  I guess I am older, maybe not wiser, so who cares?

As I travel, the phrase means that no matter where I go things will be different than what I left behind.  That is the one thing I am certain of – everywhere is different, everyone is different, but everyone is still the same. I need to take more time to connect with people. I find myself reserved and wanting to sit back when interacting, my stretch for the next trip is to engage and really get to know people better.  This will be a little tough for the awkward introvert inside me.  I just need to get over it!

More things that I can’t be certain of: What new adventures, opportunities, and/or challenges are waiting for me and what will they bring me?  Life is a mystery, but to a certain degree I am master of that destiny and with a little thought not being certain adds a little spice to my life that is the only thing that is certain.


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