Traveling – My Opportunity To Grow

I am traveling today – starting an adventure to Bhutan for 14 days. I will be excited to get there, but sitting here in JFK after taking the ‘red eye’ from SLC, I must admit I am very tired. I will be able to sleep on the next flight – 12 hours to Dubai.

It may take time and a lot of patience to get to where the real adventure starts, but it is good for me. I find it takes a certain amount of resilience to travel and it certainly takes an equal amount of patience. It really is not too bad. I find I can be present and aware of what is happening all around me and then balance that with staying within myself and not being hyper aware/critical. The more I balance, the more enjoyable my travel is. Just sitting here watching the other travelers, families, solo travelers, couples, etc. makes me feel contented.

I am strong enough to travel by myself, curious enough to want to, and wise enough to know it takes time.

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