Most Prized Possession(s)

While working on a doc for teachers that focused on children of different cultures, I came across this blog posting from Feature Shot. The topic of the blog was children showing their most prized possessions. What struck me were the authors comments about how different children treated, i.e. shared, their possessions. I began thinking about what are my most prized possession(s).

As I process this question, I need to put my life into perspective, I am sitting in my room at the Hyatt in Katmandu, Nepal. I have far more with me than I need, yet for a few minutes yesterday I was worried that my suitcase might not make it. The worry didn’t last long. I had the clothes I was wearing, my devices (iPad & phone) and enough money to get me by in my backpack. I could afford to replace the clothes and stuff. I realized not being able to contact family and friends that would be my biggest worry.

So are my most prized possessions my devices or my family? Of course it has to be family & friends, although they are not possessions. I am just texting and emailing everyone right now to check in. The devices just give me peace of mind and quick contact. As I hear back from them one by one, I know what really is important; family & friends. However, the things that allow me the quick contact make that possible.

What is it about the possessions the children chose in the Feature Shot article that made them important to them? Only they know, but one thing I know is that the people you love are irreplaceable and you need to keep them close, your prized possessions can definitely help with that!

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