Living My Best Life Everyday?


Hahaha!  As I opened up the blog to write this morning – I read my tag line and realized that maybe I should change it to “Seeing what I can complain about every day.”  I do a far too much of that, and that tells me that I am not living my best life every day.  So, let’s see if I can turn this around. Change is good.

My topic for today is another one of my self-help projects.  Just to list a few, I have cleared clutter with Marie Kondo and a few other authors, created a daily meditation and regular yoga practice, gotten back to the gym and/or trails for cardio and strength training, tried Whole 30 and Paleo, which has adjusted and balance my eating habits.  These have all really stuck and I find myself 10 pounds lighter and loads and loads happier. I am able to look at things with perspective and when I am feeling crummy I can usually pinpoint why (last night’s 2 glasses of wine and plate of cookies explains this morning lethargy).  Now that I understand the effect of my falling off the wagon, I don’t get depressed, I just take note and move on.

So I am now introducing my latest experiment,  A Year To Clear: A Daily Guide to Creating Spaciousness in Your Home and Heart by Stephanie Bennett Vogt.  You read and work through the book day by day – I am on Day 5.  I really like it!  I am forcing myself to take it slow and just do one day at a time, read through the text and answer the questions often going back to the previous days and the introduction.  I am taking the book slowly, just like the author advocates for taking life slowly.  It is very difficult for me to just do one day at a time, not read ahead and skim through the book in one sitting.  I am letting it unfold and allowing myself to unwind.  I am feeling like I am a nicer, calmer human being and on my way to actually living my best life everyday.

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