Procrastination/Avoidance Epiphany

selfThis morning I had an epiphany as I was reading Wherever You Go, There You Are by John Kabit-Zin.  I had it and now I’ve lost it. HaHa.  Oh it just came back to me — I need to honor myself and my visions through my writing.  I need to stop procrastinating and avoiding myself.   Bottom line, I need to make sure I am taking time to express my thoughts and get them down.

I have written at least two blogs a day in my mind since my last written blog and they were profound. I mean really profound. However, I don’t take the time to write them down because I don’t really believe they are profound.  So this is the start of a new day.  I know I have said that many times, but I am going to start scheduling time to write every day and will write maybe even more than once a day.

Surprisingly, I have done well with what I eat, when I meditate, when I exercise, and how I respond to life’s little irritations, but I just haven’t shared my progress. Even though this blog is essentially just for me, I need to write things down so I can go back and remember in addition to just getting things out of my mind.  So, here’s the plan – I open up my computer right when I get home from work, unless I am running late for yoga. In that case I will write after yoga.  No excuses!!

I can also pick up the computer and write multiple times a day.  Since no one reads my blog, no one will care if I write a lot of nonsense.  I find this quite liberating and since I am on Day 35 of A Year To Clear and the topic is “Raise the Energy”, I’m feeling quite energized!

Thank you Self Help books!


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