If It’s Right, It’s Easy

What a remarkable little phrase!  I ran across it in a book I have been reading, just to explain, I read multiple books all at the same time.  My current rotation is the Dao, Wherever You Go, There You Are,  A Year To Clear, and 100 Days of Solitude.  I also just finished Less, which was remarkable!

My reading takes place early in the morning, depending on when I wake up it can start as early as 3:30 AM or as late as 6:00 AM. Very seldom do I ever miss my morning routine and while it is not obsessive, it allows me to start my day with my head on straight.  I usually open up my iPad and choose one to start with, read a chapter or section, and move to the next one.  There is no order , but what I have found interesting is the thought in the first one usually relates to the thought in the others.  Every now and then I go back to the chapters in one selection to reinforce the connection with the  others.  Then I meditate. Once I am done with that I am ready to start my day with either a cardio workout at the gym, a bike ride, or a walk on the trail.  That is my heavenly morning!

I digress, back to the phrase “If i’s right, it’s easy.”  I pondered what is in the saying that appeals to me and honestly my reasons change from day to day and from activity to activity.  What I have noticed about myself as I apply these words to my life:

  • When I am ready, I can complete any project.
  • When I take the time to do the hard work and go slow, whatever physical activity (think crow in yoga, or hiking a steep hill) I am trying to accomplish is easier.
  • When I work with difficult people, if I prepare myself mentally and take the time to understand their perspective and really listen, it is easy.

These are just a few of the ways that remembering “If it’s right, it’s easy” has worked for Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.46.12 PMme.  The real reason it works for me is I make it right, I do the work, I prepare, I open myself up to all those opportunities that I might have resisted because I wasn’t prepared or was resistant.  My morning routine prepares me and as part of this routine, remembering “If it’s right it’s easy” somehow prepares me for difficulties because I move slower and am more accepting of where things will end up.  Not everything moves perfectly, but they usually move smoother and easier, and eventually the pieces just click.  I am not sure if they truly click, but it sure feels like they do.  AAAHHH, wasn’t that easy?

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