Being Ordinary

I think being ordinary can be a good thing.  We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others, measuring ourselves to the unreality of Facebook, and striving to stand out.  The fact is that we are all ordinary and at the same time extraordinary.  Everyone of us is different, ordinary.jpegeveryone one is unique, but in an ordinary kind of way.

When I looked for a picture or quote to attach to this blog, I was disappointed to find most images made being ordinary out to be something negative.

The dictionary defines ordinary as: With no special features, normal.  Synonyms are: usual, normal, standard, typical, everyday, habitual, regular, day to day.  Is that such a bad thing? Being normal sounds pleasant, just being a regular person who doesn’t need to worry about being a superhero or celebrity.

Maybe because I am an introvert, being ordinary is very welcome.  I like flying under the radar, I don’t need to be loud, I don’t need to be applauded, I don’t really care if anyone notices me in a crowd.  My life is calm, grounded, and full. Being ordinary is really quite nice.

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