Just Work With It

I just realized how easy life can be (remember, When it’s right, it’s easy) when we just work with whatever it is we are encountering that feels like an obstacle.  Duh! How many sayings are there that focus on just that. Example: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, etc.

Reading the Dao this morning this passage about engaging in whatever you are doing, stuck with me, “Become one with the De, and De welcomes you.” Reading in Wherever You Go, John Kabit-Zin encourages relying on the practice to guide us through the maze of meditation because through trust and that reliance, the practice will keep us on the path, even though it may be difficult. Even in 100 Days of Solitude there was a correlation when the author discovers her pipes are rusted and realizes that there is a way to live with it.


Rather than out up walls and try to change others, I need to take more time to understand, accept, and live with it.  That doesn’t mean that I submit and surrender, instead the idea is to “Work With It.” This way it becomes active I am engaged rather than passive and whatever happens it is a winning situation.  Feels right, I think it might be an easier path!


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