Moving Slowly

I am working on a project with lots of people and it has been extremely stressful. I have hit bumps and roadblock for a solid two weeks. I am not tool worried about the process or outcome, but others are.  I spend the majority of my time calming those around me and as a result I have had hives, headaches, lack of sleep, etc.

Yesterday, the tech/digital side of my project fell to pieces. ,Yesterday I needed to train a group of people to manage a task and I had to start from ground zero with them. Somehow, I became calm.  I didn’t just have the outward appearance of calm, I was actually calm, and it felt good. I realized the problems were’t mine.  I was listening to people and reacting.  What I needed to do was just listen. I was doing my job and the things that weren’t happening were not my creation. Instead of rushing and worrying, I just went through my afternoon with deliberation and purpose. I moved slowly.

I woke up this morning and realized the advice I had been givings others to relax, take a deep breath, and move slowly I had actually listened to myself.  That’s how I need to proceed – own it when I should, and let it go when I should.

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