2018 – The End!

I am not sure how to start today’s blog, but it is December 31 and the end of my 2018.  Interesting year to say the least.  I have accomplished a lot and at the same time not accomplished much.  To say I am conflicted about this past year is an understatement.

I found myself not sure of much of what I was dong and often why I was doing it.  ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GROW WISER AS YOU GROW OLDER? I delayed my retirement which caused me moments of grief, started a renovation on the house which brought a whole new level of anxiety, and undertook a major project at work which caused me to sometimes want to pull out my hair.  Overall a year in which I had to really put my patience to the test.

Not complaining, it was a still a good year.  I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot about my family and friends, and I am taking this new knowledge into 2019.

Things I am grateful for from 2018, not in any particular order:  Two great trips, South Africa and Bhutan, reconnecting with my youngest sister, enjoying time with Jane and Sam, finally understanding why Dick is the way he is and accepting it, being debt free and prepared to retire comfortably, my health through yoga and meditation. regular exercise, and finally so grateful for Angel my sweet dog who can finally rest in dog heaven.

Please note that it was a year not completely free of complaining and procrastination. However, I worked hard on acceptance, patience, and being more compassionate.  My hope it that it has paid off and maybe someone out there is is grateful for me.  LOL!

My final goal for the year is to stay up until midnight.  It has been a long time, but it might be worth the effort to ring in a new year and celebrate it with a new attitude.goodbye 2018

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