2019 – The Beginning!

RENOVATION 2018-2019

We started the next step in the renovation project yesterday. What a way to celebrate the New Years holiday! It really is exciting even though the house is a mess. What I have discovered is that doing a renovation or moving is a really good thing.

I have been complaining about my clutter for quite a while, now I am coming to grips with why I have so much stuff. By bringing in more stuff to the house, I was unconsciously creating a new house. I could have saved myself a lot of money if I had just had professionals come in and redid the house rather that trying to do a cosmetic cover-up by buying stuff.

So now that that this part of the reno is underway, there is a domino effect and now I want the wooden accent wall done. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the picture you will see the wood has a slightly orange tint. That effort was me at one of my finest DIY efforts. I thought it would look so much brighter if I painted it white, going for the farmhouse shiplap look. There was just a small issue with that idea. the wood is rough, the paint did not go on well, and it looked like crap. Once I painted a bunch of it white and realized it was a mistake, I had to do something. I found a similar color to the wood and tried painting the wood back to it’s original and now the bottom right under the window is this lovely orange. Next project — figure out what to do with the wall. I haven’t liked it in a long time because it is messy and the rough feels dirty but have now ideas what design direction to go.

That is all I have for the first day of 2019. No resolutions, just renovation. Will be glad to have this part of my 60’s Project done!

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