It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

Just steps from my back door.

Saturday morning after what seems a week of rain here in southern Utah and I was finally able to venture out for a morning walk. My caption of “It doesn’t get any better than this.” really reflects how I should be feeling and how I do feel a great deal of the time. Here is a list (not in any particular order) of things I am grateful for:

  • My husband who puts up with a lot and even though he doesn’t always agree with me, puts up with me and lets me be independent.
  • My children Jane & Sam, who have become amazing adults and make me proud every single day. health – I seldom get sick and have 170 days of sick leave from work. I took one yesterday, calling it preventative medicine.
  • My job – as much as I complain about it I am paid well, have a lot of flexibility and work with some really great people. And I have sick leave so I can take time off now and then,
  • My home – I have a wonderful house in a location that is close to town, close to nature, a surrounded by caring neighbors. Now that half the house has been redone, I am even happier. I really appreciate those who did the work

The list is not everything I am grateful for there are far more that I can list in a blog. Writing them down helps me to practice conscious gratitude, not take these things for granted and curb my complaining. I am always my biggest project!

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