Maybe this should be more of a journal?

Once again I have not written because I have nothing really great to share and no one reads it anyway. Honestly if they did, I would be mortified. I read a lot of blogs with great information on how to do things, share opinions, offer advice, and share adventures. Currently I am doing none of that. What I do have is my day to day thoughts, actions, questions, and observations. So I am going to start using blogsite as my journal.

Today is a great day. : ) I am having a sick day and the first thing I did was read a few chapters of Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming.” I am really enjoying reading about her life. She seems to be a great lady who is just like the rest of us. Next, I went on a four mile walk in my new Brooks running shoes. During my walk I listened to Trevor Noah’s book, “I was Born a Crime”. Yet another individual who is amazing and still seemingly normal just like the rest of us although I think both are far above the rest of us in intelligence and drive.

I ate breakfast and am in the process of settling in for another session of reading. Reality check — I did do a little online gawking, not shopping because I am on a budget. After reading, my projects will include organizing the kitchen closet, folding laundry, and organizing my new camera bag. Those are the goals work goals. Later on I will go to yoga class and then my monthly bookclub. Our book for the month was “A Gentleman in Moscow”. Excellent read!

My disappointment for the day was trying to register for Camp Good Life and finding out it was full. Sometimes you just wait a little too long and miss an opportunity, but that’s life!

Update — to make up for that disappointment I just signed up for a digital photography course with community education. My disappointment never lasts long!

My old running shoes. You can’t see the hole in the toe because I have on black socks.

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