What’s on My Mind on January 29.

So yesterday, I decided to switch from blog commentary to straight journaling with maybe a little platforming and recreational bitterness included to spice things up. So this is what is currently happening in my life. I am retiring! A lot of people are shocked — or at least they pretend to be, but I am so EXCITED! I won’t retire until June 30, but with 32 personal days and 170 sick days, I will be living my best life and getting accustomed to retirement with a paycheck!

The theme for this year is to live fearlessly, and I hope to live up to that. At a minimum I will trying new thing and meeting new people. The great thing about being old, is nobody pays any attention to you and you lose much of your self-consciousness – not all but quite a bit of it.

Living in the middle of the best of my sixties

Today is work as usual and it is nice to have my work. It’s not that I don’t enjoy what I do and the people I work with, but it will be just nice to do nothing if I want. Projects are always nice and yesterday on my ‘sick day’ the big project was organizing my kitchen closet. the great thing is that I could take all day, stop and start, take pictures of it and not worry about getting it finished. Of course I did finish it, but it seems like years since I was able to do things at a leisurely pace without feeling rushed to make a deadline. Remember, I have done this to myself, but it is a pleasure to treat myself to limitless time without being afraid of wasting it. I guess that is another fear that I am trying to conquer.

The 100 work day countdown will start this Friday, February 1. I am planning on some fun adventure to mark that day.

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