Procrastination, Perceived Goals & It’s Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Last time I wrote, I was so sure I was going to use this as a journal and write every day. It didn’t happen, so I am now going to reduce my goal to maybe writing occasionally and then I won’t feel so pressured. I think part of the situation (it’s not really a problem) is that I don’t have a set time. I will work on that. That makes me feel like less of a procrastinator and more likely to achieve my goal.

Last blog post I had set my 100 day countdown as February 1. I am definitely counting down or in my case counting up. I am at Day 9 and have been practicing how to be retired at every opportunity. As far as work goes, I am not taking on extra tasks that create extra work opportunities for myself. In fact, for the first time there are days when I don’t have much to do. This feel so different (good) than my usual 10 hour days. I am taking my personal days and sick days and on those days, I don’t work from home and I pretend that I am retired. When I get up in the morning I ask myself, “What would a retired person do?” So I will end up doing a yoga class or two, take a long walk, go to the movies, read, and sometimes even cook or bake I find I am really busy on those days, just like my sister Michelle told me I would be.

I have subscribed to Tim Ferris’s Five Bullet Friday in which he sends out a weekly email with 5 bullets, always the same thing. I like the format and have decided to do something similar to end my posts. I think I will call it Today’s Six in My Sixties .  I will cover what I am reading , what I am listening to (music or book), a thought or quote, thoughts on my workouts, current hobby, update on travel or renovation plans.

Today’s Six – February 14, 2019!!!

What I ‘m Reading: I just started this morning “The Woman in the Window.” I have to admit that I have been on a reading binge and this week read both “The Immortalist” and “Educated.” They were both very good reads.

What I am Listening To: This morning on the way to work, my iPhone shuffle made the decision. There was a little ELO, them some 80’s rock, Simon and Garfunkle, the Monkees, and right in the middle Tibetan Bowl and Bell Meditation music. It sounds weird, but it was really refreshing and made me smile. Update — Mischel sent me the song og the day — Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now — Yeah, we’re having a good time!!!

Thought: I’m taking my thought from Mischel’s song — “Having a Good Time.” That’s exactly right, don’t stop me now. I may be 65, but still having a good time.

Workouts: Trying to do two things a day — morning walk on the treadmill so I can watch TV and at least one yoga class. Trying to get stronger : )

Hobby:  Nothing in this category but I did sign up for a digital photography class in March. I just need to get off my butt and start practicing with my camera.

Travel: Going to San Francisco the endo of February for Wisdom 2.0 and some sightseeing. Going with Sam, my son. Looking forward to it.

That is all  for today – I seem to have actually written a lot. Until next time, I hope you are “Having a good time!”

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