Sonder- Everyone Has A Story

My post earlier on the Obscure Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows made such an impact on me that when I went to my afternoon yoga class, I felt the presence of others much deeper. Just thinking that everyone in the class had a story and were there for a reason and had actually made it to class on a cold Friday afternoon was a testament to what a communal practice can do to uplift and refresh us.

I thing “sonder” is my new favorite vocabulary word even if it is new to the English language. Just knowing that everyone has a story and how you interact with them can color their story is both uplifting and intimidating. Telling my yoga teacher this afternoon how much I appreciated her class and how she made this one hour precious to me seemed to touch her heart. I need to remember to communicate how I feel when things are good and be kind when they are not so good. Keeping “sonder” in the front of my mind is indeed something I am going to try to do.

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