Sonder Revisted

Still working my way down the path and it dawned on me I am not the only one who is starting a new adventure. At my work positions have been shuffled, other people are having to make changes. In my personal life, family members are going through transitions, not necessarily of their own choosing. Being mindful and support to the changes of others need to be at the front of my mind. I need to come back to “sonder” – everyone has a story and we don’t know what it is.

When I do know someone’s story and are aware of the anxiety or happiness that is their current reality, I need to be very mindful of them and how I interact and react to what is happening in their lives. Sarcasm is often too quick of a response, I need to think, understand before I react. I actually had the word made into a bracelet to keep me remembering. It’s right there on my writs, so no excuses. Everything is not about me, others have stories far better than mine.

That’s today’s thought and my current goal.

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