Talk About Positivity

I subscribe to “Becoming Minimalist” and this post was in today’s email – Reshape your Reality: An Inspirational Story The was a guest post from Chris Norton, who is paralyzed from the neck down. The inspirational part of the post was his ability to look on the positives of his condition right from the beginning. His book is The Seven Longest Yards and is being made into a movie.

Today was an especially trying day for me – making the adjustment to not working and being around my husband who has become exceptionally needy and unable to do anything for himself. Maybe I just never noticed how reluctant he is to manage anything outside of his small world without my support. Maybe he just can’t. While there is no comparison between Chris Norton’s disability and my frustrations, somehow the post gave me just the right nudge to look at things in a different way.

I need to turn things around and even though I could give my husband the book to read,I don’t think that will work. Instead I need to just turn things around and realize while he has a problem, it really is not mine and I need to look at the positives in his actions. I can overlook the fact that he can’t make appointments or go to them himself, I can talk him down when he becomes anxious, I can be the calming force in our relationship. I just need to put aside my frustrations and minimized my reactions. It will all work out. Take a deep breath and smile!

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