Stranger Walk – Reminiscent of Stranger Things

I walk for a few miles most mornings, usually on the same trail the same time of day. When I walk, the people I meet are friendly, they smile, wave, say “good morning” and at least look you in the eye. This morning I was greeted with what felt like a scene from “The Walking Dead.” The first half of the walk no one smiled, no one waved, no one even acknowledged I existed. Now I don’t know if this was because of the impending Lunar Eclipise (happening on the other side of the world July 16 and 17), global warning (it was 80 degrees this morning), or maybe just because it is Monday, but it was eerie.

Not the actual people on my walk, but close.

I thought about Netflix’s Stranger Things and wondered if something was lurking out there causing this strange behavior. I possibly noticed it because I was listening to Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” on audio book and that could cause me to look at life in a closer, more sarcastic manner. I honestly don’t think it was me – people were really being weird and it was very noticeable.

I decided to take charge of the situation, and counter apathy with sunshine! Everyone I passed I waved to, I smiled, I forced them to acknowledge that there was another person on the trail. I attacked them with my best Little Miss Sunshine attitude. It worked, sort of. I came across a few of the zombies that I passed earlier and for the most part they waved, nodded, or said something back. I passed one man who seemed delighted to have someone as happy as him sat hello. I made a difference!

That’s all to the story with just a little sarcasm to deal with a real situation.

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