2020 So Far…

What a crazy start to the year. On January 6th my mother fell and ended up in the hospital. At 90, a fall can really take its toll, so she was in the hospital for 3 weeks, then rehab for almost 4 weeks, and then moved to assisted living. It was a hard time and a difficulty decision, but she just could not manage daily living skills. There was definitely an adjustment period, which we managed. Then….

It has been needed for a long time, so Dick hired a contractor to do a major renovation of the bathroom. I began on March 4. The very first day, Dick ends up in the hospital with respiratory and cardiac issues. He will end up spending a week in the hospital, another two in rehab. By this time I am on a first name basis with everyone at the rehab facility. A few days into Dick’s rehab adventure, Covid-19 appears and puts everyone everywhere into self isolation, so I was not able to see him or mom in person.

Well, the renovation is done, and it was actually easier because Dick wasn’t here. He is home, but mom is still in assisted living (we don’t expect her to be able to live on her own again) and we are getting adjusted to the new normal of social distancing. We all just keep moving on. I guess it is better that I decided to wait to write about all the drama, now it doesn’t seem to have been unbearable which is not how it felt in the thick of things. I guess that is what they mean when they say “everything’s going to turn out all right.” So far, so good.

Goslings and parents enjoying the golf course. Springtime!

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