Certified Yoga Teacher – 3 Week Update!

My last blog was about almost being at the end of my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training… and now I am done! I also completed a 50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher training. My life is now somewhat back to normal. The eight weeks spent training were definitely challenging and very rewarding. Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with my new knowledge. I did have my studio put me on the sub list, however, I hope the young teachers who are trying to make it a profession or semi-profession are called first.

It has definitely changed my perspective on yoga and what it means to be a yogi. Adding the Yin Training opened my eyes a little more to the other side – the yin side is as powerful as the yang, with far less sweat. Both trainings changed my thinking of yoga as being a work-out to now thinking of yoga as a work-on — that is, working on me, body, mind and soul.

I have to admit that the last week was the most difficult for everyone in the class, and by the time we were all done with our final teaching and attending two long workshops each day, I was seriously finished with yoga. It felt so good to have competed it and finally be able to sleep without reciting Namaskars in my dreams.

Doing the Yin Training was a welcome respite taking vinyasa flow classes every day, and the instructor was amazing, He had a totally different approach and personality from my other instructor and it was nice to see how the different approaches work. I felt between the two I received a very balanced training.

For now I am just back to taking the classes that I want and when I want and feeling confident in my own personal practice. Done, done, and done — now on to my next adventure!

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