Living Ayurveda!

This past weekend I participated in an Ayurveda workshop that was life changing. It was a small gathering at the home of the host/instructor and was co-facilitated by one of my yoga mentors. I went just wanting to learn about Ayurvedic healing and how it fits into my yogic lifestyle and left with an entirely new sense of where I needed to go next in my journey.

The three days began with a yoga flow and meditation, each day focusing on one of the three Ayurvedic doshas. We then had instruction in what Ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle is, trying to determine what our individual doshas were. We did this through surveys and interviews with partners. It was so interesting and very eye opening and surprising at the same time once we started putting all the pieces of our personal dosha profiles together.

We ate amazing food prepared by our hosts and were blessed with opportunities to investigate the six tastes in making dishes, planning meals, and finally preparing beverage recipes that everyone sampled. This is just a simplified version of what happened, experiencing it was so much more. We laughed, we cried, and we bonded. Everyone made a plan for the future and beyond that we made plans for our future as friends. Such a satisfying experience!

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